YBN Soulchain Supershift 10sp

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Quick shifts, mega strength. Soul Glo

YBN is a manufacturing giant when it comes to chains who have contracts with all of the biggest brands on the market. The Soulchain is their inhouse performance chain that shifts exceptionally well and is smooth and quiet, nickel plated on both the inner and outer links - reduces corrosion, improves durability and increases shift crispness. A hardened chromium carbide layer on the pins and rollers raises breaking strength to a huge 9900n and radically reduces chain "stretch". The Supershift has unique chamferring on the inner links and outer links which reduces shift friction by up to 80% - a result is quick and crisp shifts up and down the cassette.

The Supershift 10CR has a pin length of 5.9mm which makes it compatible with all Shimano, Campag and SRAM 10speed systems.

  • Nickel Plater inner and oute plates
  • DHA Hard Chromium rollers and inner links
  • 10speed system compatible
  • Chamfered inner and outer
  • 275g