2017 Wheel Buyers Guide - Featuring the Boyd 44C

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2017 Wheel Buyers Guide - Featuring the Boyd 44C

The draw: High-end performance at half the price

Nestled deep into the economically priced sub-$2,000 category, the Boyd 44mm Carbon Clincher manages to tick off many of the same checkboxes as higher-end wheels: a brake caliper-maxing 27mm outer rim width for an excellent aero profile; a low weight comparable to wheels that cost twice as much; and an incredible braking surface that was on par with the best tested. The ride quality of this American handbuilt wheelset is well balanced—not the softest, but far from jarring, with adequate acceleration and response.

Weight: 1,475 grams

Buyers guide includes wheels from Rolf, Profile, Vision, Easton, Enve, Bontrager, Reynolds, FLO, Zipp, HED, Specialized

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