Boyd 60mm Clincher Wheels Review

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Boyd 60mm Clincher Wheels Review

A small rider owned company based in South Carolina, USA. Boyd has been pushing out some really competitive and well priced wheelsets over the last few years. Their latest 60mm clincher felt really fast and now wind tunnel testing shows and proves that it wasn't just a placebo. In a head to head they show lower drag numbers than the commonly bench marked Zipp 404.

The biggest difference you will feel when riding the any of the Boyd Carbon wheels is the amazing stiffness - climbing or sprinting. This is partly attributed to their in-house designed hub which has really wide flanges - this increases the bracing angles essentially creating a wider "base"  or widening the triangle. There is very little cross wind interference but the amount of extra "free" speed just coasting along is great.

The wheels are all hand built in the South Carolina factory and using off the shelf spokes and nipples make owning your set a lot easier.

Update: The latest series gets a textured brake track which really improves the wet weather braking performance.

They can be pre-built with the PowerTap G3 rear hub

  • 1584grams
  • 2x Cross lasing on the rear
  • Boyd In-House designed hubs - Easy to service
  • Sapim CX Ray Spokes
  • Textured brake track