MSC Components Silicone Bar Tape

Bar Tape is all the same? That's what you used to think. Silicone is here.

Advancement in materials and manufacturing now gives the riders the chance move away from the traditional cork (which was good) and leather (which was bad). The Buzz Tape is super tacky so it doesn't need any adhesive backing - that means you can wrap and re-wrap your bars. Once it's taped up it's far more grippy than cork or the synthetic tapes and it does do a good job of really absorbing vibrations without the need to run that ridiculous gel boogas underneath your tape.

It's easy to wrap thick or thin depending on how much overlap and stretch you put into the tape.

What we love.

Really grippy, soft and slip-free with bare hands - even more grippier with gloves on. Extremely durable and easy to clean and it doesn't get stinky! It's also very durable. Can be wrapped super thin.

Who is it for.

Anyone who wants to improve the synthetic cork options for bar wrapping and for the tweaker who is always changing their hood position - it can be re-wrapped a over and over.


A bit on the heavy side at 210g for two rolls plus caps. If you prioritize weight over comfort this might not be for you but if you are after something that looks good and has an emphasis on comfort.