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MSC Components Ergo Foam

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MSC Components Ergo Foam

At only 9 grams per set, these are one of the lighter grips on the market. What makes these different from typical foam grips is the ergo shape and left and right specific design.
MSC Ergo Foam grips review
The material is a special EVA compound which suits riders that are in wet conditions or sweat a lot, the open cell structure absorbed moisture keeping the grip tacky in wet conditions. They are also very competitively priced which helps you save some weight and also saving a bit of cash at the same time.

MSC Components Foam GripsThey have firmer than normal texture which on a straight tapered grip could be uncomfortable but with the added ergo shape they really slip into your hands and reduce arm pump. The firmness does give a nice lively connection the handlebars and they shape just feels right.
They come with "soft touch" bar plugs which are not the usual hard plastic they are a lost softer compound works well if you like to grip the outside of the bar. The softer than normal compound does hold up to bumps and scrapes fairly well.
As they are the non lockon type they do take a bit longer to install and will take more time to remove. Once installed though they stay put without the need for any grip glue.
MSC ergo foam grips test
  • Lightweight - 9grams
  • Soft touch bar plugs
  • Right and Left specific Ergo shape
  • Direct feeling to handlebars
  • Suitable for all riding types
  • Not as easy to install as lockons
  • Hassle to remove - see above

Overall the MSC Ergo grips have been durable and have shown excellent wear over the test, they reduce vibrations and offer a really nice direct feel to the bar without an overly squishy feeling. The ergo shape is something that we do miss going back to straight profiled grips.