Whistler Performance Lubes - An enviro-friendly bio based Cleaner

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Whistler Performance Lubes - An enviro-friendly bio based Cleaner

We're all for the environment, who isn't? Without the trees, forests and reserves where can we ride our bikes?

So having a chance to test out a bio-based natural de-greaser was exciting for us.

Typical bicycle de-greasers are usually petroleum based and can leach toxins into your body through your skin and lungs and are terribly harmful to our waterways, forest creatures and organisms in the dirt. 

Citrus de-greasers on the other hand will etch anodised surfaces and corrode metal parts - just like your chain and nice purple parts on your bike. Shimano even recommends not to cleaning your chain with an acid based cleaner.

Whistler Performance Bio-Solvent de-greaser is a powerful bio-degradeable solvent de-greaser that will cut through grease and grime on your drivetrain. It is also safe for all the materials generally found on your bike - Titanium, Carbon fiber, rubber and plastic. It is also safe for mechanic and the environment.

It comes in a large bottle with an easy to use trigger spray for direct spray onto dirty parts. It can also be poured directly into a chain cleaner.

How does it perform?

Chains that have caked on wax based lubes can be really hard to clean but the Whistler Performance Bio-based cleaner cut right through the sticky buildup with a single pass, minimal scrubbing and wiping was needed.

Cleaning the sticky grease that comes on new chains was also a treat. Just sitting the new chain in a parts bin for a few mins - rinse and dry and the chain was squeeky clean.

It didn't have any hardcore vapors that gets you high and distorted, with no residue once rinsed off. 

What's even better Whistler Performance offers bio-based wet and dry chain lubes so you can continue to keep your drivetrain petroleum free.

Whistler Performance Lubes - Bio Based De-greaser

Not Just for Bikes

The Whistler Performance Bio-degreaser will work anywhere where you need to cut grease and grime like your moto or car- Feel safe replacing that nasty WD-40 with a clean alternative.