Boyd 85 Hubs - Now Available

Boyd 85 Hubs - Now Available

Wider is always better.

When we are talking about hubs, it's not about the anodised colors or how many pawls it has. If you want the stiffest and most stable wheel you need the flanges spread as wide and as tall as possible and even better if the bearings can be pushed the ends. Every millimeter counts in this case so careful design is needed to fully realize the small space.

The front hub centre to flange measures 39mm on the 85- A Chris King measures 35mm and a DT 240 is 37.5mm for reference.

Because the rear is not symmetrical like the front, things get a bit tricky - we have to work with a cassette and aim to get as close to even tension on both sides of the hub. 

DS Centre to flange is 17.5mm and the NDS is 37.7 this gives you a Non Drive side tension of around 49% which means you can build the drive side to half of the tension on the NDS.

Although not as light as some of the high end hubs on the market, these 85's are built to last for a long time with very little maintenance and with no special tools needed.


  • 2x  6901 bearings
  • 95grams
  • Compatible with all axle type
  • 16h / 20h/ 24h / 28h
  • 2x 6902 / 2x MR15267 (freehub body)
  • 254g
  • Compatible with all axle type
  • 20h / 24h / 28h / 32h