Check all the boxes - Foxy 29

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Check all the boxes - Foxy 29

A bike that many have been waiting for - The new Foxy 29 checks all the boxes. Mondraker was the true pioneers of the long and slack geometry - They turned our skittish nervous bikes into refined machines that could handle steep technical trails and higher speeds without losing any of the fun. The Foxy 29 lives by the fun factor while making it so capable on all types of terrain - whether you race or just smash out hard laps on the weekend the Foxy 29 has been made for the new generation of riders wanting to enjoy their local trails with a bit more confidence.

Foxy Carbon 29

  • Long travel 150mm 29er with short 44mm offset
  • 160mm front fork
  • Low stack and long reach
  • 66º and adjustable headset
  • Progressive and neutral kinematics
  • Threaded bottom bracket
  • Short rear stays
  • Dedicated 12 speed design

Zero Suspension - Mondraker

Zero Suspension

Anti Squat means that when you apply force on the chain the suspension wants to extend the shock - this makes for a good pedalling bike, but you lose suspension sensitivity as the bumps are working against your pedal forces. It also affects when you are standing in the attack position - and is sometimes referred to as pedal kickback or chain growth. 
Good for pedalling, bad for bump absorption and sensitivity

Pro squat refers to numbers below 100%. This means when you apply force to the chain the suspension wants to compress, eating up suspension travel and often giving a sluggish feel to the bike. Bump absorption is isolated from pedal forces so it will usually offer better performance in really rough terrain.

By balancing the anti-squat numbers around the 100% range means that suspension is isolated from pedal forces - so you can pedal freely and the suspension will eat the bumps, yet doesn't sag out and compress the suspension when pedaling. The design also needs  to take into consideration the rear cassette and front chainring size as this will alter the AS numbers throughout the range of gears.

Mondraker Foxy 29

One bike for all

Everyone knows that the 29" wheels roll through and over everything and in the last year we have seen them become more refined with shorter offset forks and progressive geometry - which really make them feel nimble and quick in tight terrain.

The low stack height also means you don't feel like your riding a truck and is suitable for smaller riders all the way down to 165cm! The Foward Geometry, tweaked seat angle and very rigid front triangle make this one hell of a bike for all kinds of trail, enduro or all-mountain riding. With weights as low as 13.4kg this is a true trail crusher.

Mondraker Foxy 29

If your riding buddies are harping on about upsizing frames, long reach and fork offsets - shoot them down with the Foxy 29, the original pioneers of the long and slack geometry.

Three models to choose from and 2 framesets are available.