Fasst Flexx Handlebars

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Fasst Flexx Handlebars

Who doesn't want more small bump compliance? Whether it's getting your fork to feel more coil like, stuffing inserts into your tyres to run lower air pressures - It's no myth increased low speed bump compliance gives more grip, more comfort and confidence on rough trails.

The downside to too much small bump sensitivity in our suspension forks can give a very marshmallow like feel, especially when climbing or out of saddle efforts. Likewise too little air pressure in your tyres can lead to a vague feel, increased drag and tyre sidewalls folding over during hard cornering. Get your fork or tyres too firm and your upper body is going to feel it. Not mention how stiff bikes(and especially forks) have become over the last few years with brands pushing the more-stiffer is more-better idealogy, that simply is not true as we've seen the opposite in MotoGP where factory teams are doing creative engineering to incorporate flex into the chassis and forks to help the bike track and grip better through the corners. Have bike brands got it all wrong?

Fasst Flexx Bars with Titanium Hardware - USA Made


What about those flexing carbon bars? Spank has some foam filled bars that reduce high speed frequencies but are still precise in all directions. Oneup and SQlab have carbon bars that reduce trail buzz and have a little bit of vertical flex "tuned" into the layup to offer a mild suspension feel. The problem is with some of the "tuned" carbon bars, they can feel a little vague and not as precise in really rough sections of trails - as it's basically an un-damped spring set for one specific weight. What happens if you are a rooster weight rider? They also suffer from out-of-phase oscillations which produces an unstable feel at the grips and muscle fatige, it's not something that your brain will be able to identify right off but it is one of the contributing factors to getting into the arm-pump zone quicker.

Isolating your upper body from vibrations and big hits helps protect your joints from overuse and reduces muscle fatigue. Have you ever noticed towards the end of a long ride your suspension feels a lot stiffer than when you first went out? - this is most likely caused by the most obvious muscle fatigue from overall physical exhaustion but also from muscle fibres constantly in contraction and relaxation thousands of times as they are trying to stabilise over the constant onslaught of trail vibrations.

Fasst Flex MTB Handlebars

Fasst FlexxCo have been around for over a decade and introduced their technology to the moto industry - heavier bikes and lots of high speeds creates even more vibrations and we know the technology works.The Flexx bars isolate your upper body from the high frequency vibrations as well as giving a little bit of backup when the fork bottoms out. Flexx bars are completely made in the USA with locally sourced raw materials.

They come with soft, medium, hard and extra hard elastomers that are both tuneable on compression AND rebound. They are easy to replace so it makes the job of playing around with the right elastomer density easy. The "washer" type elastomer manages the rebound stroke of the bar so you can essentially have different settings for compression and rebound.

Fasst Flexx Elastomer Tuning

Got Injuries? We are all culprits of flogging our bodies and most of us a carrying some kind of injury - Fasst Flexx bars gives that extra bit of comfort

The Fasst Flexx bars are not just dedicated to enduro or trail bikes. A bike packing or flat bar gravel adventure bike where you know long rides and extra weight on your wrists and shoulders are the norm.

Bikepacking with Fasst Flexx handlebars

The downside to the Fasst Flexx bars, they are heavy - 100-200g heavier than some of the high end carbon bars and they are currently only available in one rise (25mm). If your priority is not weight, its easy to glance over the weight versus the performance gain, but if you are specific with high tall you want your bars, this is a bit of a deal breaker.

Who are these bars for?

Anyone riding off-road and could do with a little more comfort and less arm pump. Rigid singlespeed or fully loaded bike packing bike? If you have any upper body injury they may help with reducing the strain and pain of regular riding. If you are somewhat curious, or skeptical we are offering a full 30day return and refund if you are not 100% stoked on them.


  • Tuneable feel (independent compression and rebound)
  • Durable construction
  • 8º and 12º back sweeps
  • Increased comfort and control in all types of terrain
  • 30 Day trial period, return the bars if you are not happy with them


  • Only one rise (25mm)
  • Extra weight