Formula 10year Support

Formula 10year Support

We're in an industry where new model year bikes are released every six months. Whether its just a new paint job, a minor 0.5degree geometry change. Manufacturers will call it a 202x model just to tweak your senses. We've never stood for this and align ourselves with brands that offer a quality product for a long time. A good bike(or product) should be good enough to last for a solid few years.

Right now in 2024 you can buy mid-high spec Shimano brake, if it fails there is no way to fully rebuild it, there is actually no serviceable parts to rebuild it from scratch. Just throw it and buy a new brake. Formula has always offered service parts for their brakes and the Cura is fully rebuildable and now you have the trust that Formula will offer those spares for 10years.

Formula's Promise is to support all their products for at least 10years and any product made after 2017 comes under the support umbrella. Also each of their products come with a 2 year transferrable warranty (almost unbelievable in the industry)

Formula defines itself as a engineering company at heart (rather than a marketing company releasing new gear every 6months) How many many times have you bought a new part or bike and then the new year clocks over and that product/bike is now completely obsolete - no spares or anything!

Having a long term goal in mind, you can be assured that Formula will be making the best gear for your bike. Let's just take a quick look at the Selva suspension fork, easy to service with basic tools, all the spares are available, easy travel change, air springs can be turned into a coil. And if you have overlooked the Mod coil shock which is probably the most tuneable shock on the market, you can completely do a re-tune in 30mins with basic tools, no nitrogen fill, no nonsense overpriced proprietary tools.