Gravel All Road - Aero Deep, Lightweight Carbon 650b Road Plus

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Gravel All Road - Aero Deep, Lightweight Carbon 650b Road Plus

We've seen riders pushing the tyre widths on their standard 700c road bikes. Gravel plus takes it a step further, with some frames that have the chainstay and fork width to squeeze in 47mm tyres opens up a new standard.

The 650b Road+. Using a 650b rim and a 47mm width tyre brings the overall diameter to the same as a 700c wheel and tyre. So positioning, geometry and bottom bracket drop stay the same - you get the cush of a big tyre for riding road, gravel and singletrack.

The new Boyd Jocassee takes it to the next level - its a dedicated Road + wheel which uses a 36mm deep profile and a 24mm inner diameter. So it's hella aero and fast on flat smooth tarmac, but get it into rough fire trails or gravel roads and the tyre width and with pressures as low as 35psi it just floats over rough stuff with ease.

Boyd Jocassee 650b Road Plus Wheel


Light, fast and the 2.9mm spoke offset means spoke tensions are even all-round for a really stiff rim. Road race it or gravel ride.

The Road + takes road and gravel to new levels so you can have more fun on the bike.

  • 1,570g
  • Hookless sidewall
  • Perfect with 47mm  tyres (same diameter as a 700c wheel+tyre)
  • 24mm inner width
  • 36mm tall
  • 2.9mm spoke offset