Impakt Visco Elastic Carbon Frame Protection

Impakt Visco Elastic Carbon Frame Protection

Forget those kits that cost a lot, hassle to install and offer no impact protection to the material underneath. Those pre-cut kits are just some fancy cut vinyl stickers. 

Welcome to another level of protection. Impakt is the only protective tape that offers shock absorption vertically horizontally -  when are rock strikes the tape it disperses the energy up and downwards and left and right, which takes the energy away from the material underneath. 

Its perfect for being placed on the downtube where rock strikes are common - it won't fade or discolor and resist dirt and grease.

The Impakt kits are easy to use all you need is some sharp scissors - for more complex shapes you can heat the the tape with a hair dryer - either way its very easy to install without getting those annoying air bubbles stuck inside.

Ideal for carbon, aluminium and even steel frames.