Ingrid Components

Ingrid Components

Ingrid has simplified naming of their cranks, to make it easier for you the rider to choose the right crank. While some of the cranks to overlap over in usage, it's to be honest with yourself and ask yourself what are you riding 80% of the time - then choose the crank that is needed.


These are for all tarmac and gravel duties. They get the 2 drilled tubes the length of the crank which reduces a lot of weight but has minimal effect on stiffness so you do get a very light alloy crankset if you are building that perfect lightweight roadie.


The Crankset for modern cross country bikes. It's a little heavier than the R2 ad 480g, still gets the length-ways drilling but offers excellent strength to weight stiffness whether its going on a dedicated race bike or an all day cross country rig.


This is your crankset for Tarmac, Gravel and Trail. You definitely still can run this on a cross country bike like the CRS-X. Heavier than the CRS-X at 520g, it doesn't have the length-ways drilling but the very unique looking dots and sponge structure on the backside. It's like professional drillium. Obviously the looks are polarizing and they look rad on a gravel or tarmac bike so you are ok to forgo a little bit of weight they will work for your application.


These are the strongest cranks that Ingrid make and at 598g they are definitely not the heaviest crank out there. No drillium or pop design, but absolute reliability. If you need a strong crank for Enduro, DH and even hard bikepacking the G2 will work. They are only offered in the Small size as well.


 Spindles and chainrings are all cross compatible with different type of Ingrid cranks, so if you plan to move to one bike or another you can easily change the spindle and/or chainring to get the right setup for whatever bike you have around.