Kind Shock LEV DX Review

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Kind Shock LEV DX Review

Fully featured dropper post which shares the same function and performance as the more expensive LEV version but at more appealing price point.

Main Differences

  • Aluminium clamp and nylon composite lever
  • Standard Inner cable, instead of the Recourse Ultralight cable
  • Steel saddle clamp bolts instead of Titanium
  • Cable entry box adjustment is slightly different to the LEV

Missing out on the above features you gains you about 50grams to have the LEV DX.

The LEV DX has gone through years of refinement and is now a very reliable post. Both the LEV and LEV DX are easily serviceable and parts are available for quick replacement. 

The all mast and shaft gives it a nice stealth look and the fixed cable entry point that is positioned low and out of the way means external routing is neat and tidy. The cable entry point is adjustable by removing the cartridge and aligning the slider bushings, which will give you a position to fit almost any bike. This is different to what is featured on the LEV and although it is not hard to adjust, it will add about 15-20mins of extra install time.


If you are installing the external version, the install will take you about 15mins add an extra 15mins if you want to change the position of the cable entry box. Other than that the instructions are clear and give you the exact amount of cable length measurements you need to get the post working right off the bat.

How does it ride

The biggest thing you will notice with the LEV series is the very nice ergonomics of the lever, its low profile and snugs up against a standard grip or replaces a ODI lockon for a nice integrated finish.

Kind Shock ODI Compatible Remote


A very light touch on the lever is only required to activate the post - much lighter than the Reverb - it's ultra smooth action and positive top out make it an ideal choice if you have had bad experience with other brands of dropper posts.

If you really don't like the standard remote lever, there is the optional Southpaw remote which has similar look to a shift lever and tucks under the bars.

Kind Shock LEV Southpaw Remote



The cable adjustment box takes a little bit longer to install and while it's a set and forget operation - if you want to swap it over on two bikes it can be troublesome. However if you have one bike - you set it up once and that's it.

Overall the performance, smoothness and lever ergonomics feel exactly the same as the pricier LEV and the 50grams gain in weight goes unnoticed. So if you are looking for one of the better performing posts on the market, don't look past the LEV DX series.

Also available in the Integra (internal routed) version and if you are completely counting the grams, the LEV is available in a carbon version which significantly drops weight even further.