New Wheelsets From Ibis

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New Wheelsets From Ibis

Introducing the new Logo series wheels which feature the same Carbon rim as the more expensive 742/942 series wheels but with the Ibis branded hubs that significantly reduce the price.

Logo Series

You get all the performance and benefits from the wide rims and you can save some cash at the same time. They can be optioned  with coloured decals from Ibis that will match your bike or kit.

Ibis Logo 742 and 942 wheels.

Secondly the 742 and 942 wheels are now available in non-boost format with the voluptuous Industry 9 torch hubs. Upgrade your existing bike and ignore all the boost stuff and get all the sounds and benefits of the I9 Torch hubs.

Ibis 742 and 942 Non-Boost series wheels

26 Plus - The 638 Rim Only

Thirdly, we get a wide aluminium 26" rim. This is great for old skool 26ers and even better for riders wanting to upgrade their 27.5" bike to a 26" Plus. Yep, that's correct we'll already have a few 26+ tyres in stock and will have more as they are released.

26" Plus Rims from Ibis


Custom Builds with any Ibis Rim - Carbon and Alu

If you are looking at having the 26" rims built up let us know and we can build you a nice set with exotic hubs from Tune or Extralite.

Ibis Industry 9 Torch Hubs