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New World Comfort

SQLabs takes a new look at saddle design, with a focus on the human skeletal system as part of the solution. Typical saddles are either flat or curved and in recent times simply split down the middle in an attempt to reduce pressure.

Designed in collaboration with Frankfurt University, testing shows 60% pressure relief over traditional saddle designs. The raised rear and dropped nose section is unique to SQlabs

SQlabs use a design that isolates your sit bones with the rear section raised allowing your pelvis to rotate as you close up the hip angle. The raised section also gives you something to push off when deep in the drops or tucked low. The more the pelvis rotates forward the narrower your sitbones get - which needs a narrower saddle width.

Since the UCI has relaxed the saddle angle rule we are seeing professionals dropping the saddle nose below the 0º plane. Fortunately most of us are not sponsored by a saddle manufacturer, so we have the free will of choosing our own saddle. Have you seen Kulhavy's saddle?

Kulhavy's Radical Saddle position


Rather than dropping the saddle angle, why not drop the saddle nose on a different plane?

Why the SQLab saddles are different from the others.

Raised rear section with firm padding allows isolation of the sit bones reducing soft tissue pressure and helps takes weight off your arms. The dropped nose can remain flat while you get all the benefits of an angled down saddle. More aero and comfort riding deep in the drops.

A dropped wide flat nose with a strategically placed dip reduces soft tissue pressure without the need to radically change the saddle angle (like you see a lot of the pro's doing). Simple set the saddle nose to flat or down slightly 0-3º

A range of saddle widths to suit more riders and riding styles (120mm - 150mm)

The dropped nose combined with the dip gives riders a larger sweet spot to find the perfect position. A design that works better with the human anatomy for both male and female riders. Female riders in general will require a wider saddle. There is no need for female specific soft padding or floral designs - the Ergowave design works for all.

A smooth waterproof top cover, is easy to clean and no sharp edges to catch on your shorts.

Comfort or your money back. We are confident in the comfort and difference the SQlab saddles provide and offer a 30 day money back if you cannot get on comfortably with any of the Ergowave series.