Reivew - Onza Ibex 27.5 x 2.40" 120TPI

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Reivew - Onza Ibex 27.5 x 2.40" 120TPI

A good all-round tyre with an open tread design and soft dual compound rubber. The supple tread takes small bump comfort to a new level and a low weight for a chunky 2.40 casing.

  • 120TPI Casing
  • 55a / 65a dual compound
  • Reasonable 865g weight
  • 27.5 x 2.4
  • Tubeless Ready

A 120 TPI casing is lightweight and produces a supple ride by using more thread and less rubber in the tyre casing producing less hysteresis. This can be felt over small chatter bumps where it gives you a feeling of having a tyre with a few PSI less.

The tread pattern has similarities to the Maxxis High Roller II but with the side lugs transitioning a little bit smoother which may lead to aggressive riders extracting a bit more predictability during mid leans.


Easy install without tools, snugs up with the typical tubeless cracks. 


Lean grip is predictable with the relative soft 55a compound, not a super fast rolling tyre - but it's definitely a compromise for the extra amount of grip. 


Out of the box they install straight and true, logos line up and the chafer is even and consistent all the way round.

No torn off lugs and reasonable tread life. The harder compound in the center makes for better wear especially if you brake hard or ride tarmac a lot. Side lugs have stayed in tact and are showing wear but still have shape to bite and grip. 

Overall a good and grippy front tyre which can be paired with a less aggressive rear tyre for a bit more speed. Run one on the rear to gain more braking stability and grip but a little slower in the rolling category.