ProTaper 20/20 Carbon Handlebar

ProTaper 20/20 Carbon Handlebar

If you're looking for a high-performance ergonomic handlebar that's both lightweight and durable, look no further than the ProTaper Carbon 20/20. Featuring innovative PFL (Plastic Foam Lamination) manufacturing, these bars are designed to provide optimal strength and stiffness while still being incredibly light. You probably looking at those weird sweep angles - that's a 20º backsweep such an aggressive sweep allows your wrists to face outwards taking strain of the joints and engaging those larger lat muscles which is going to improve comfort and improve efficiency.  No one talks about mechanical efficiency on the bike, but if you are spending hours riding and you are not in a efficient position you will be slowly doing damage to ligaments, joints and muscles.

It is best suited to XC or trail riding, its popular with marathon and 24hr racers as the shape just feels right and we know those freaks need massive amounts of comfort and efficiency.

The PFL process uses tiny particles and steam pressure to expand and shape the structure of the bars, resulting in a 15% lighter bar with fewer excess resin and plys. This unique process allows for a stronger and stiffer handlebar, without sacrificing weight.

In addition, the ProTaper Carbon bars feature cut marks that provide a range of width options, allowing riders to customize their bar width to fit their specific needs. The textured Grit Grip finish in clamp areas eliminates over-tightening of components, ensuring a secure and safe ride.

The ProTaper Carbon 20/20 handlebar boasts impressive specs, with a width of 780mm, a 31.8mm clamp diameter, 20° back sweep, and a +20/-20mm rise. At a weight of only 190g, these handlebars are some of the lightest on the market, making them a top choice for competitive riders who demand the best.

Overall, the ProTaper Carbon 20/20 handlebar is a high-performance handlebar that offers strength, stiffness, and lightweight construction. Whether you're a competitive rider or just looking to upgrade your ride, the ProTaper Carbon 20/20 is a must-have for any serious mountain biker.