Smoove Lube - A Universal lube that gets more miles than others

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Smoove Lube - A Universal lube that gets more miles than others

It's all about the chain lube these days. Some say it will give you m00r watts, some say it will save your marriage. Smoove lube just keeps your drivetrain clean and silent for a long time - no need to complicate things.

Developed for the pro racers in the Cape Epic stage race, it worked so well in wet and dry conditions they bottled up the formula and is now available to everyone.

Who care if it gives an extra 1.5watts - Lose the extra Kgs first then we'll let you know how many watts you can make.  Smoove runs quiet, it lasts and its easy to apply. 

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Unlike other dry lubes it won't clog your pulleys and leave chunks around your chain ring. 

You start with a crisp clean chain and apply enough Smoove while back pedalling. Let it sit over night and it flashes leaving a dry residue behind that sticks to the rollers and links. You want to try and get Smoove deep inside those rollers, so a bit of squeezing and twisting the chain helps. No need to wipe down.

If you have been using Squirt, it's a bit more viscous allowing deeper penetration into the links. While Squirt runs clean, it lacks durability no matter then method of application and riders know too much Squirt and it just junks up the pulleys and derailleurs. Smoove lasts longer and doesn't chunk up around the jockey wheels.

So if you are looking at simplifying things - Smoove is the one lube that you can run on your road or mtb bike in wet and dry conditions. You'll get around 35-40 applications from one bottle.