Only two handlebars survived!

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Only two handlebars survived!

They do definitely look a little weird at first sight - but have a few rides on them you'll hands will not be complaining about the looks. We've had so much feedback from riders saying that these are "game changers", "wrist pain has gone", "bike climbs so much better" - on and on.

sqlab bars

SQlab survives the Zedler "End of Life" test. Only two handlebars out of the 22 tested at the independent facility survived. Those two bars where from Syntace and SQlabs

They are a really good option if you are hiding an injury or getting some weird pains on a ride. Extra wide bars can take introduce tennis elbow or golfers elbow which will slowly deteriorate your joints over the long term.

The carbon version drops around a 100g, not super but we now know that these are bars you can trust without breaking on you.

If you think these are touring oriented bars. You'll see the SQlab bars ridden by Hans "No Way" Rey and Fabio Wibmer

Here are the 22 bars featured in the test.

  • Beast Components MTB Flatbar
  • Aliexpress Carbon-Modell für
  • Enve M5 Mountain Handlebar
  • Newmen Advanced SL 318
  • Newmen Advanced 318
  • PRO Tharsis XC
  • Race Face Next SL
  • SQLab 311 FLX Carbon
  • Syncros Fraser iC SL
  • Beast Components MTB Riser 25
  • Enve M7 Mountain Handlebar
  • FSA Gradient Riser
  • PRO Tharsis Trail
  • Race Face Turbine-R
  • SQLab 30X 12° low
  • Syncros Hixon iC 1.0 Rise
  • Syntace Vector Carbon Superlight
  • Syntace Vector 7075
  • Truvativ Descendant Carbon DH
  • Truvativ Kyle Strait CoLab Bar


Why we like the SQlab bars

- They come in 12º and 16º backward sweeps which helps to get your shoulders rotated externally rotated which is a more mechanically efficient position from the old fairy tale of overly outward flaring your elbows. Elbows out is not a structurally efficient position. Elbows inline with your wrists are.

- You will feel stronger on seated and standing climbs - That's probably likely your lats and back muscles are firing, engaging a larger muscle group is way more efficient than burning out smaller stabilising muscles

- They are obviously plenty strong, maybe not as well know as some of the other mainstream brands, but they offer durability and strength without that mega-stiff bone jarring ride

Available in 12º and 16º backsweep with 15mm, 30mm and 45mm rise options. With the 12º you can get by without having to change your stem length, if you are using the 16º you may need to go up a stem length of 5-10mm.

Syntace bars also come in a 12º option, the geometry is slightly different to the SQlabs