The New Reverb Hydraulic 1x Remote

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The New Reverb Hydraulic 1x Remote

 The all new updated and revised Reverb 1x remote lever. A new ergo shape means the lever can be mounted under just like your old 3x shifter. It's going to be less prone to crash damage and is always on tap for when you hit those technical trails.

Hydraulic will always provide smooth, friction free performance with no ingress of mud and dirt. Low lever force and smooth feeling will mean you will want to use your dropper more than you normally do.

Fitted the bleeding edge fitting, maintenance and quick bleeds is quick and easy to keep that Reverb running fresh.

  • 62g, 21g heavier than the OG
  • Compatible with B1 and A2 Stealth and non stealth Reverb posts
  • Tooled return speed adjust
  • Package includes Bleeding edge fitting, discreet clamp + MMX clamp