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ARC8 Evolve FS Frameset
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The Evolve FS is not your typical weight weenie superlight XC bike, it's complete beast of an XC bike. If you are looking for a rocket fast XC bike that will get to the top quicker than anything out there and yet have the stability and aggressive geometry to handle some seriously gnarly terrain, the Evolve FS gets pretty close to that one bike for all.  The frame weight of 1,240 comes into the territory of a lightweight hardtail yet the with a slack 65º head angle and 495mm of reach, this pushes it well into the aggressive trail category. If you don't want to get caught up in all the bike genre lingo - the Evolve FS that will suit anyone that likes going fast, likely a huge gas tank from road miles, cannot resist smashing lap times even on "chill" days and enjoys giving enduro bros a run for their money.

If pure XC is your thing, then this can be setup with 100mm rear travel and a 100mm front fork for blowing up your VO2 max, or for the everyday ride with a bit more forgiveness, the 110mm rear, 120mm front will go like a whip but will give that bit extra when it comes to the downs.

Running a different stroke shock will yield 100mm or 110mm of rear travel and is compatible with forks up to 120mm of travel, versatility does seem to be a common them amongst the ARC8 bikes. Sitting in a similar category as the Transition Spur, the Evolve FS is a full kilo lighter, longer and slacker. You can only imagine how light you could build the Evolve FS up as even with burly parts.

Like the bigger travel Essential it has the same slider rear suspension which offers a longer lever for more tuning of the leverage ratios, what this means is you get a nice linear curve and when you overlay that with the natural progression of an air shock, you get a well controlled, low leverage ratio kinematics. This translates to small bump sensitivity and far easier sag tuning from the get go. How can you not look past the simplicity and clean lines? Also like the Essential II ,the Evolve gets the carbon flex pivots in the rear seat stays for completely maintenance free and consistent performance.

If your 80% of your rides are climbing/going full gas, like like to hang at a few marathon / 24hr races and enjoy chasing down your enduro bros on your "not suitable XC" bike.


SizeM (120 mm fork)M (100 mm fork)L (120 mm fork)L (100 mm fork)

Rider Height160-178160-178178-190178-190
ESA (virtual)7677.17677.1

SA (real)72.773.872.773.8
HFork Offset42424242
IFork A-C530503530503
LBB Drop35433543


WEIGHT (SIZE M)10.7 KG9.8 KG9.5 KG
FRAMEARC8 Evolve FS, full carbonARC8 Evolve FS, full carbonARC8 Evolve FS, full carbonARC8 EVOLVE-FS, Size M, L, Carbon V & H
FORKFox 34 SC Float Performance 120mmFox 34 SC Float Factory 120mm FIT4Rock Shox SID SL Ultimate 100mm Twistlock Remote-
SHOCKFox Float DPS PerformanceFox Float DPS FactoryRock Shox SID Luxe Ultimate Twistlock RemoteFox Float DPS Performance
SEAT POSTBikeYoke Divine SLBikeYoke Divine SLBikeYoke Divine SL-
HEADSETAcros AIF-531Acros AIF-531Faserwerk Baslerstab 35 / 50mmAcros
THRU AXLEM12xP1.0; 148mmM12xP1.0; 148mmFaserwerk Baslerstab, 800 mm, carbonARC8
STEMFaserwerk Baslerstab 35mm / 50mmFaserwerk Baslerstab 35 / 50mmFaserwerk Baslerstab 35 / 50mm
BARSFaserwerk Baslerstab, 800 mm, carbonFaserwerk Baslerstab, 800 mm, carbonFaserwerk Baslerstab, 800 mm, carbon
GRIPSFaserwerk HandschmeichlerFaserwerk HandschmeichlerFaserwerk Handschmeichler
SADDLERepente QuasarRepente QuasarRepente Quasar
FRONT BRAKESShimano XT 8100 2-PistonShimano XTR 9100 2-PistonShimano XTR 9100
REAR BRAKESShimano XT 8110 2-PistonShimano XTR 9110 2-PistonShimano XTR 9110
BRAKE ROTORS FRONTShimano RT-MT800M; 180mmShimano RT-MT900M; 180mmShimano RT-MT900M; 180mm
BRAKE ROTORS REARShimano RT-MT800M; 180mmShimano RT-MT900M; 180mmShimano RT-MT900M; 180mm
CRANKSETShimano XT 8120 32t 55mmShimano XTR 9125 32t 55mmSram XX1 Eagle CL 55mm DUB; 32t
CASSETTEShimano XT CS-M8100 / 10-51TShimano XTR CS-M9100 / 10-51TSram XG 1299 Eagle 10-52t rainbow
CHAINShimano XT M8100 Shimano XTR M9100Sram CN XX1 Eagle rainbow
SHIFTERSShimano XT M8100 Shimano XTR M9100Sram EC AXS Eagle
REAR DERAILLEURShimano XT M8100 Shimano XTR M9100Sram XX1 Eagle AXS
FRONT WHEELDT Swiss XM1700 30 mmNEWMEN Advanced SL X.A. 30 mmNEWMEN Advanced SL X.A. 30 mm
REAR WHEELDT Swiss XM1700 30 mmNEWMEN Advanced SL X.A. 30 mmNEWMEN Advanced SL X.A. 30 mm
FRONT TIREWolfpack Cross 29x2,4Wolfpack Cross 29x2,4Wolfpack Speed 29x2,4
REAR TIREWolfpack Speed 29x2,4Wolfpack Speed 29x2,4Wolfpack Speed 29x2,4
SEALANTTubeless 200 ml tire sealantTubeless 200 ml tire sealantTubeless 200 ml tire sealant



ARC8 come with the standard legally required 2 year warranty. In addition, in the the 3rd - 5th year of ownership, a crash replacement program is offered.

In the 3rd year the crash replacement price is 50% off the current equivalent RRP, in the 4th year it is 40% and in the 5th year it is 30%.

2) Cockpit setup with ICH stems

The stem length on ARC8 bikes is determined by frame size and model of bike. If you would like a specific stem length, this can be catered for when the bike is assembled in Germany. ACH stems come in lengths 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120mm. 

 When bikes are assembled with ICH stems, 3cm of spacers are fitted under the stem with the medium top cone. If you want something other than this, this can be done when ordering your bike prior to the assembly of the bike.

3) Can other stems be used on the models equipped with an ICH stem?

Alternatively you can source and fir a FSA ACR stem, and we can supply the top cap to suit.

4) Brake mounts on the ARC8
The ARC8 Eero, Escapee, Essential 2 and the Evolve FS frames use the new Flat Mount brake standard. If you require a flat mount brake / caliper,  we do have adapter available.


The mix of short travel combined with the really aggressive geometrycreates a ride that is hard to put into words, in a good way. Thebike’s shape eggs you on to push faster, to pull up off things thatshouldn’t be pulled off and the tiny amounts of suspension does afantastic job of keeping up with it. But when things get really spicy,and where it’s hard to substitute for more travel, the geometry lets youget away with murder"



  • Aggressive modern geometry
  • Lightweight carbon optimisation
  • BB Shell Spec: 73mm / threaded
  • Tear drop down tube
  • Two bottl cage mounts on the inside triangle
  • Reversed main pivot
  • Flatmount disc brake mount
  • Flex Pivot Rear seatstays
  • Slider Suspension Linkage
  • SRAM UDH derailleur hanger
  • Linear suspension curve


  • 100mm or 110mm rear travel (determined byshock stroke)
  • Smooth shock stroke with low initial break away force
  • Compatible with 100mm or 120mm rear fork
  • Slack and long modern geometry
  • Superb handling, corner hugging ability
  • Proven fast with a top 30 UCI XC World Cup
  • A highly capable XC or trail bike
  • Tear drop down tube helps clear mud

where is your 80%?


BUILD XX1-RS SID SL Ultimate100mm, SID Luxe Ultimate, SRAM xx1, BikeYoke divine sl,Magura MT8,faserworks, newmen advanced sl xa30 29"

BUILD XTR - Fox Float34 sc float factory120mm, Fox float DPS Factory, shimano xtr BikeYoke divine sl, Faserwerks, newmen advance dsl xa30 29"

BUILD xt- fox 34 sc float performance120mm, fox dps performance,shimano xt, bikeyoke divine sl, newmen wheel evolution a.30 29"