Crossworx Dash 29 Frameset
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The Crossworx DASH 29 will fit the bill for many types of tracks, 155mm of rear travel and beautifully crafted handmade frame offers an exceptional ride quality. With the ability to run a 160mm or 170mm front fork will open this up to some gnarly trails.

The low rear triangle is solid, but places the linkages the low keeping the weight balance right and low center of gravity low - for those that like to hit corners hard.  A 65º head angle a pedal ready 79º seat angle will get you to the top.

The suspension is optimised for sensitivity at the start of the travel and with progressiveness increasing towards the end of the travel for a nice platform and big hit capabilities.  You can run a  air or coil (something like the Formula MOD works well with the easily tuneable CTS system)
Frame is industrial and well thought out with internal routing and the un-interrupted seat tube so you can run a long drop post.

Crossworx frames are completely made in Germany. Shock is not included but we can offer any shock from either brand.


Body Height157,5 cm – 170 cm167,5 cm – 180 cm177,5 cm – 190 cm187,5 cm – 200 cm
A – Horizontal Tube Length525555587619
B – Reach420450480510
C – Steering Angle65°

D – Seat Angle79°

E – Head Tube Length110110120130
F – Chain Stay Length447

G – Wheel Base1200123012641299
H – Bottom Bracket Drop35

I – Seat Tube Length390415445470
J – seatpost offset17

K – Fork Length571

L – Stack632632641650
M – Standover788780784792
  • Rear Shock: Fox Float DPS, Fox Float Factory X, Formula MOD Coil
  • Fork: Fox Factory Float 34 FIT4 140mm, Fox Factory Float 34 GRIP 140, Fox Factory Float 36 GRIP2 150, Formula Selva S 140-150mm


Thestatutory warranty period is two years from delivery. In the case ofused goods that have been inspected according to the manufacturer’sinstructions or that have been serviced and repaired, the warrantyperiod shall be one year.

Without limiting your statutory warranty rights, the following additional conditions apply to the warranty:

The warranty does not apply if the bicycle shows damage or signs ofwear caused by improper use or use not in accordance with the intendeduse of the bicycle as described on our website. The following actions inparticular constitute improper use:

• Neglect of the product (insufficient care and maintenance).
• Improper or incorrect assembly of add-on parts
• Modifications to the frame or fork (e.g. engravings or paintwork)
• Adding or modifying additional components not expressly approved by usor replacing components installed by us at the time of delivery withcomponents that are not of the same type.
• Continued use of a bike with incorrectly adjusted, defective or worn out bearings or defective suspension elements.
• Damage to the seat tube in the area where it protrudes from the toptube as a result of the seat post being pulled too far out of the seattube.

Furthermore, the warranty does not apply if the bicycle shows damageor signs of wear caused by overstress of any kind, in particular fallsand jumps. In any case, overstressing is present in the event of:
• a deformation of the frame. This is the result of overloading and is therefore a sign of improper use.
• a bent or broken derailleur hanger (attachment point of the rearderailleur). This is a result of overload or incorrect adjustment. Thiscomponent represents a predetermined breaking point and protects theframe and rear derailleur from damage due to overload.

Our guarantee only applies to the first purchaser of the product and requires a copy of the original proof of purchase.


Crashes are part of our sport. In the event that your frame isdamaged and can no longer be ridden, we offer you a crash replacement.Below you will find the conditions for the crash replacement:
The offer is valid for 2 years after the date of purchase. The CrashReplacement is non-transferable and limited to the first purchaser.

The following conditions apply to the Crash Replacement:

• Wear parts are not covered by the Crash Replacement (e.g. bearings, seals, etc).
• Visual defects are not covered by the Crash Replacement.
• the frame/bike was not intentionally damaged
• the description of the (accident) sequence of events corresponds to the damage pattern

We will send you a quotation in the event that the Crash Replacementservice is applied to you. If you use our Crash Replacement Service,your damaged product automatically becomes our property. At this pointwe would like to point out that a change to another model is notpossible. We will be happy to install your new frame in our servicedepartment. This conversion is subject to a charge. We will make you anoffer and get in touch with you. Your bike will be returned as soon aspossible after order approval and subsequent processing.


The Crossworx DASH290 is a robust and high-quality do-it-all bike. It climbs well despite plenty of reserves and the plush rear suspension allows you to get back down without having to dodge any of the bigger features on the trail. "



  • Aluminium 7020
  • Rear Shock:210×50 / 22,2x8mm
  • BB Shell Spec: 73mm / threaded
  • 2x Bottle cage mounts
  • ISCG05 mounts
  • 29x2.5 max tire width
  • 4.2kg frame weight
  • PM 180 rear brake
  • 130mm rear travel
  • Up to 170mm front fork
  • Coil shock and air shock capability


  • Low mounted shock and linkage = Low center of gravity = Wicked Cornering
  • Progressive 155mm of travel
  • Steep 79º seat angle
  • Tried and tested aluminium frame is tough and can handle whacks
  • Efficient drive neutral linkage works with 210x50 or a 210x55 rear shock


At the Thuringia workshop, Crossworx make every frame by hand with a focus on utilizing local suppliers who are just a stone's throw away. Aluminum is an ideal material for full suspension bikes, as it provides stiffness while allowing for a nice flex into the system, avoiding the harsh ride quality that plagues many carbon bikes. In fact, MotoGP is already exploring controlled flex for handling performance.

When everything is made in-house, Crossworx is able retain total control over the production process. This means changes can be made quickly without the need for expensive carbon molds. In contrast, many bikes made in Italy are just painted there, but actually manufactured in Taiwan, Vietnam, or China. It's unfortunate that there are so few bikes made in-house nowadays, as the constant demand for more bikes each year has made it challenging for the industry to prioritize quality and sustainability.

Crafting bikes in-house allows for highly efficient production and short delivery times, compared to waiting for large shipping freighters to arrive. Small joints like Crossworx naturally have an edge with their agile and efficient approach ensures  bikes that are not only high-performance and durable but also environmentally conscious.  Get in touch with us to see how you can get some Crossworx in your life.


BUILD X01 - Fox Float Factory 36/38 Grip2,  Fox Factory FLoat X2, SRAM x01, MAGURA mt7, NEWMEN Evolution SL A.30, BIKEYOKE DROPPER

BUILD XT - Fox Float Factory 36/38 Grip2,  Fox Factory FLoat X2, SHIMANO XT, MAGURA mt5, NEWMEN Evolution SL A.30, BIKEYOKE DROPPER

BUILD GX - Fox Float Factory 36/38 Grip2,  Fox Factory FLoat X2, SRAM GX MAGURA mt5, NEWMEN Evolution SL A.30, BIKEYOKE DROPPER