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Good is the enemy of GREAT

Everyone that has ridden the Fugitive was simply blown away. How can a bike with only 138mm of rear travel handle so much chunk, yet still quickly and efficiently get to the top of the climbs? Fugitive owners were throwing on big 160mm front forks and throwing their bikes down double black diamonds - It's really no problem for the Fugitive it's one of the most capable short travel 29" bikes out there and version1.5 gets a few updates that just make this bike so much better. 

Rear travel is updated to 138mm, yes its only 3mm of more travel but the deep feeling Fourby4 kinematics remains untouched, this makes the bike a little bit more balanced with a 160mm fork (no problem running a 150mm either)

Reach is slightly increased and the seat angle steepened to 76.7 which is roughly 1º steeper than the V1, not huge changes but enough to shift a bit more weight on the front especially when running a bigger travel fork, this also improves the climbing of the Fugitive keeping the front wheel down on really steep climbs.

Some nice tweaks to make this short travel 29er a little more capable - and we are happy to say that none of the excellent climbing or traction has not been lost. There is also the option to run a shorter stroke shock to bring rear travel down to the 131mm range, with a 140mm fork you can set up a bit of a whip if your trails are 90% climbing oriented.

Why would you choose the Fugitive - If you are upgrading your bike to ride on some gravel paths orsprinting up fire road climbs, the Fugitive is not  for you - We do recommend you look elsewhere. But If you arelooking for that super durable 29" trail smasher that will claw up thechunkiest steepest climbs(those ones that bother you for weeks) and thenabsolutely smash the downhills the Fugitive should be on your list.  There is a two geometry settings neutral or slack depending on your preference and trails.

The Patented Fourby4 suspension is what make Knolly's ride like they do, the extra linkage simply manages the leverage rates independently - Knolly admits that you can't have everything in suspension design (we've all heard the climbs like a.... and descends like... story) and the Fourby4 does not claim to do it all -  but what it does do is give you tons of rear wheel traction when climbing, fully active under braking and the perfect amount of progressivity and support - run a coil shock if you like.  The Fugitive is relatively short travel but it has a very deep progressive feeling suspension action.  Come in hot and grab a handful of rear brake over a line of braking holes and bumps - on other bikes you'll feel the rear wheel skip, pack up slide and lose traction. Not with the Fugitive - it will hold and stand it's ground, grip and work the that rear shock. If ride quality is top priority when looking for a new bike then we are happy to let you know the Fugitive offers a no compromise ride feel.

The looks? You're eyes might be going crossed eyed with that weird forward placed seat tube but this works for your benefit - It allows an uninterrupted seat tube, so you can run the longest dropper around even on the small frame sizes. Ever gone to install a dropper post and hearing it bottom out on that pivot hardware or kink.. that sucks sooo much. It also clears up a lot of at space at the chainstay/bottom bracket area so you can fit in large 29" wheels and shrink the chainstays to 430mm and when you drop the saddle before a gnarly descent it actually moves your seat forward and downards out of the way for heaps more mobility when riding off the back.

The rear end gets 157TRAIL spacing,  Knolly skipped the 148 Boost and went with where the biggest gains are to made.   There is loads of hubs now available and with up to 36% lateral stiffness from 142mm and only a 1.5mm wider heel clearance makes the 157TRAIL simply work.


RIDER HEIGHT160-173cm170-180cm180-188cm188-198cm


Seat Tube Length
Effective Top Tube 577606634658
Chainstay (Neutral / Slack)
Recommended Fork Travel150-160mm150-160mm150-160mm150-160mm
BB Height (Neutral / Slack)335/326335/326335/326335/326
Head Angle (Neutral / Slack)65.75º / 65º 65.75º / 65º65.75º / 65º65.75º / 65º
Seat Angle (Neutral / Slack)
76.7º / 76º
76.7º / 76º76.7º / 76º76.7º / 76º
Fork AC Length




FORK Marzocchi Z1 29” 150mm 42mm Offset RockShox Lyrik 29" Ultimate RC2 150mm, 42mm Offset Fox Float 36 Grip2 Factory 150mm, 44mm offset
HEADSET Orbit 1.5 ZS Internal Headset Cane Creek 40-Series ZS44/56 Cane Creek 40-Series ZS44/56
STEM RaceFace Aeffect R 35, 50mm Spank Split Stem 35, 50mm RaceFace Aeffect R 35, 40mm
BAR Spank Oozy 35, 800mm, 25mm rise Spank Oozy 35, 800mm, 25mm rise RaceFace Next R 35, 800mm 20mm Rise
BRAKES SRAM Guide RE SRAM Code R Shimano XT 4 Piston M8120
REAR SHIFTER SRAM NX Eagle SRAM GX Eagle Shimano XT 12sp
SEAT POST SDG Tellis 170mm SRAM Reverb Stealth 175mm, 31.6 Fox Performance Series Elite, Fox 1by Lever
POST CLAMP Knolly Knolly Knolly
SADDLE SDG Bel-Air III Spank Oozy 280 Chromag Basis Black
REAR DERAILLEUR SRAM NX Eagle SRAM GX Eagle Shimano XT M8100 12spd, Shadow Plus
CASSETTE  SRAM XG1275 Eagle 10-50T
SRAM XG1275 Eagle 10-50T Shimano XT M8100 12spd, 10-51T, Hyperglide+
CRANKSET SRAM Descendant 170mm 30T Ring SRAM GX Lunar 170 Black 30T Ring Shimano XT M8130 30T, 170mm
CHAIN SRAM GX Eagle SRAM GX Eagle Shimano XT M8100
WHEELSET Spank Oozy Trail 345 32h J-Bend, 29" 15x110 / 12x157 Spank Oozy Trail 345 32h J-Bend, 29" 15x110 / 12x157 Industry Nine Enduro-S Hydra 28h Straight-Pull, 29" 15x110 / 12x157
TYRES Maxxis DHF 29" 2.3" 3C Maxx Terra EXO Maxxis DHF 29" 2.3" 3C Maxx Terra EXO Maxxis DHF 29" 2.3" 3C Maxx Terra EXO


Over the years we have realized that Knolly owners ride our products hard and often. This is great because that is exactly what we designed them for. Our goal from the beginning was to not only develop bikes that provide our loyal customers with an incredible riding experience, but to also provide solid support as well. Everyone here at Knolly is a rider so we take the engineering and manufacturing of our products very seriously, and we have partnered with one of the premier factories in the world to produce our bikes. We make some of the best product on the market and we are prepared to back that up by offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty* (to the original owner) on our frames along with an awesome crash replacement program.

What the frame warranty covers:
- Defects in materials and workmanship
- Bearings and fasteners for six months from time of purchase
- Rear shocks are covered by their respective manufacturer, typically for one year from the time of purchase

What the frame warranty does not cover:
- Normal wear and tear
- Damage to the finish of the frame from the application of frame protector coverings/sticker or     adhesive backed sheets
- Damage due to crashing and or abuse
- Damage from using non factory specified fasteners and bearings
- Damage from using non factory approved rear shocks
- Damage or failure due to poor, negligent or lack of maintenance
-  Damage due to improper installation of components
- Water damage to bearings, decals and finishes from high pressure washers and hoses
 - Dealer labour and costs for shipping warranty components to Knolly Bikes

What will void your frame warranty:
 - Modification of the frame in any way
 - Use of unapproved shock sizes for any chosen model

Our crash replacement policy is designed to support customers with frame failures that are not covered under our warranty policy. This mainly includes failures that are not a result of defective materials or workmanship (i.e. crashing). It does not cover frames damaged due to installation and use of components that are inappropriate for a particular frame's intended purpose, such as: using an 8 inch DH fork on a trail bike, etc.

We stand behind our products, and they are designed to last a very long time. Regardless of the reason that you need our assistance, whether it’s a warranty situation or a crash replacement situation, our goal is to get you back on the trails as soon as humanly possible. We take pride in providing great service, since we know that’s an important part of keeping you in the Knolly family for as long as you’re able to ride a bike.


"It's one of those bikes that does everything well"

"This bike is a supportive climber, it doesn't need a lockout and it feels like it has sophisticated suspension design, that Fourby4 Linkage is really well thought out"

"And that may be what some riders wantout of a 140mm bike. But not all riders. The Knolly Fugitive doesn’tbreak character just because you’re not going full speed, and full speedis exactly what this bike’s target audience shows up for. It’s why bothof the flip chip’s settings are so perfect. Those of us who want thatshort-travel maneuverability with a long-travel insurance policy canfind exactly what we want in the high setting, while all-out chargerscan truly get this bike to its limits in the low setting"

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"This bike hits above its travel, climbs as well as it descends and is comfortable in nearly any situation"

"The frame is impressively stiff for aluminum, without being harsh, and the suspension offers a near-perfect mix of traction, pedal-ability, ground hugginess and pop. It has the suppleness and capability of a long-travel bike, but it only actually has 135 millimeters—and is progressive enough to supply that telltale short-travel liveliness"

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"Handling first, which is on the nimble side of the spectrum, even when the Fugitive is in its slackest position. While I wouldn't call it nervous, it's a bike that can change direction on a dime, a trait that makes it quite the machine in the slow to mid-speed jank that usually laughs at your efforts to hold any momentum. The blue bike can easily dart around those boulders and roots that need to be bypassed, and it's an easy thing to get off the ground when you need to go over them instead of around them."

"This is one hell of a fun bike in the corners, though, with a sort of energy that long-travel machines just can't match. It literally felt like it was jumping out of some of the tighter berms and bends, and it'll take only a handful of those moments before you realize what this whole short-travel movement is all about."

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"A defining characteristic of Knolly’s suspension design is its near-legendary rear-end traction. It was clear immediately that this was a strength of the bike—seated or standing, the suspension clamped the rear wheel to the ground...."

"The complete lack of any noticeable climbing bob was impressive. I found myself looking down to check to see if the rear suspension was locked out because there wasn’t even any bounce even when fully open. With a steep effective seat tube angle, your weight is also centered nicely over the bike in a way that holds the front wheel down while also putting enough of your weight over the rear wheel."

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" It may look like a heavy-duty rig, but the Fugitive LT offers a surprisingly nimble, playful ride. I started with the bike in its Neutral geo position, and its 66° head tube angle gave the bike snappy handling without feeling steep.The short rear stays also help the bike maintain a nimble, whippy character that makes attacking tight corners fun. Maybe I’m just getting used to 29ers, but I found the Fugitive LT more agile and easier to toss around than several previous niners I’ve ridden."

"When you start cranking hard, the Fugitive LT feels responsive to your efforts. While the rear end will move freely when a bump hits your wheel, it won’t let you wallow deep into the travel under pedalling forces alone"

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"A capable climber and an enjoyable descender, the Fugitive LT is a bike that does everything—really well. In a world where everyone is trying to push the limits, Knolly has proven that more doesn’t always equal better. This is a bike for people who don’t want their suspension to numb the trail and find joy in the subtleties that make every descent unique."

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  • 6066 series hydroformed alloy
  • Fourby4 Suspension System
  • Internal cable routing with Di2 battery compartment
  • BB Shell Spec: 73mm / threaded
  • Fuss Free Internal Cable routing
  • 157TRAIL Rear spacing
  • Progressive rear suspension
  • Uninterrupted Seat tube
  • Angular Contact Bearings
  • Will fit a bottle and cage - even with reservoir shock
  • Titanium Pivots
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Less weight and improved torsional stiffness
  • Industry leading rear wheel traction - climbing or descending
  • Future proof and easy to install internal cable routing
  • Stiff and responsive 29" rear wheels without marketing BS
  • Tuned, progressive suspension for support and wide shock compatiblity
  • Long dropper posts on small frames
  • Long life, durable bearings and pivots.
  • Ride em as hard as you can



Loosen one bolt and move the lower eyelet to your preferred setting. No more flapping around with chips, flips and extra pieces of sh*t that you'll most likely lose on the trail. The "Slack" position slackens the head angle and bottom bracket while increasing the progressivity of the suspension - perfect for DH shuttle runs or park days.


When it comes to details, Knolly sweats them. The internal routing is so easy to use - the large port at the downtube makes it easier to feed cables through. The entry ports feature Knolly's own cable ports which put tension on the housing to keep everything nice and quiet.  Listen carefully and you can hear the rubber on your tyres wearing down.


Knolly skipped 148 Boost and went straight for 157TRAIL. Skipping the hype and focusing on where it matters - ride quality. Knolly's 157TRAIL gives us a stiffer 29" rear wheel, more tyre clearance, shorter stays and only 1.5mm of heel clearance added to each side and a noticeable difference in bike performance.


The Fourby4 suspension platform is the cornerstone of Knolly Bikes. Inspired by Formula One auto racing strut-style suspension, Knolly’s patented Fourby4 suspension technology provides freedom in design and execution that no other design in the industry can tout. This freedom means that Knolly can design each model from the ground up and manipulate wheel path and shock progression completely independently. This allows each model to have suspension rate curves that are generally linear to progressive, which is important because it means your shock doesn’t have to ‘save the day’ by providing lots of bottoming resistance, as it would on a bike with a falling rate curve. This helps keep your shock from being over-worked and over-heating on long downhills, which can affect shock performance. This also helps maintain normal shock service intervals. Each of our bikes have rate curves and leverage ratios that are implemented for a certain type of riding(trail, AM, DH)

"So Knolly’s unique and multi-patented Fourby4 Suspension is quite simply the most advanced and highest performing suspension design used in the mountain bike industry."




(138mm) OR STANDARD TRAVEL (131mm)

Hear this, you can start with a 185x50mm shock to yield 120mm of rear travel. Put on a 130m-140mm fork on it and you can race some Marathons XC stuff.  The rear suspension is progressive yet still eats up bumps in true Knolly fashion, its a whip at your local trail.

Chuck on a 185x55mm rear shock to give you 138mm of rear travel, a 150-160mm fork and you have a trail beast. A much deeper feeling suspension for taking bigger hits and riding gnarly lines - Remember these bikes are born in BC and we mean this shredder can handle legit technical trails. 

Frames also include to 2 lower shock mounts which alter bottom bracket height, head angle and slightly alter progressivity of the rear suspension.

Are we talking versatility or what?


There is no doubt Knolly's are made to be ridden hard and being born on the shore means they need to be tough to take the abuse and aggressive riding they are built for.  A true test of the strength and durability is Knolly's Limited Lifetime Warranty. Knolly also offers an excellent crash replacement program

Arguable one of the finest aluminium bikes on the market. NOT A DETAIL SPARED - Hassle free internal cable routing, dual-row Angular contact bearings, custom machined titanium axles and the CNC mitered tubeset for gap Free weld junctions. all backed by a lifetime warranty




SRAM's new DUB system comes in two versions. Regular and SB+. The regular version works on the Fugitive but you have to switch to a zero offset chainring (see below). The SB+ version has a bottom bracket, cranks and chainring combination that works perfectly on the Fugitive. The X01, GX, and Descendant 7k DUB SB+ cranks have a longer axle and a wider BB spacer that works with 157TRAIL. All the DUB BB's are the same.


A standard SRAM crank with a zero offset chainring - One-Up and Chromag both have a great option - will work but it does limit the largest ring size on the front to 32t.


Shimano offers their cranks with a +3 option (the part number should have a "B" on the end like this: FC-M8000-B). The axle length and BB are the same as their standard cranks so the offset is worked into the chainring mount. This system will work as both a 1x and a 2x option on the Fugitive. NOTE: this set up requires one spacer between the BB and the frame on the drive side. Maximum size chainring is a 32t ring with this setup. The XTR, XT and SLX cranks in this configuration work on the Fugitive. The new Shimano XTR, XT and SLX 12 speed cranks come in a 56.5 chainline


Any direct mount Raceface crank with a flipped Direct Mount ring will work. You can also run a direct mount flat ring from Black-Spire .Raceface rings come with a 3mm offset so when the ring is removed and flipped (the teeth profile works like this as well) it becomes a -3mm offset and the chainline works on the Fugitive. For a 1x system you can run a flipped ring on the Next SL, Next R, and Turbine cranks with a 134mm axle, or the Atlas and SIXC with the 136mm axle, or the Aeffect and Ride Cinch cranks with 137mm axle. For a 2x system you can run the Next SL, Next R or Turbine with a 143mm axle and a Boost spider. Helpful graphic for chainline. Raceface also now offers their cranks in a 143mm BB spindle which will provide a 55.5 chainline without having to flip the ring.


FSA has 5 different MTN cranks that work with our 157TRAIL rear. Their system is very simple - you simply move one spacer from between the crank and the spider to between the spider and the BB to provide the right chainline.


FOURBY4 Suspension is designed to suit air and coil shocks - and they will both work exceptionally well.  The 131mm Fugitive uses a 185 x 50mm length and the 138mm uses a 185 x 55mm. Same frame just a different shock stroke. Frameset + Shock options available and complete factory bikes - Start building your bike today. Knolly has designed the their bikes to run air or coil without the need for messing with progressive springs.


Mountain Biking is for everyone - Every size and every gender - Knolly has been making bikes for 16 years - bikes that get all riders out on the trails.

Because Knolly frames feature a continuous seat tube they allow for a full range of seat heights: on many other frames, the seat tube is either bent or interrupted by the shock allowing only a restricted range of seat heights (this problem is exasperated as frame sizes become smaller). Our frames feature both a continuous seat tube as well as a low “dropped seat height” - meaning the seat actually travels forward and out of the way - which allows riders of all sizes to get farther back on the bike when the terrain demands it.

One of the side benefits of Knolly's Fourby4 design is the ability to accommodate smaller riders, even with up to 170-200mm of rear suspension travel. This keeps the shock mounted low which means we can drop our top tubes for better stand-over clearance. It also means the center of mass on the frame is low and that equates to exceptional handling in technical terrain. Smaller riders can run a 150mm dropper post on our bikes due to the low stand-over height and straight seat tube.

Sizing these days is a hugely debatable topic - everyone is telling me to upsize, go for more reach. Much Confusion? You can feel confident knowing  that Knolly has thought through the details thoroughly and all their bikes offer a balanced ride and proper weight distribution for their intended purpose.


Chilcotin Frameset 160Chilcotin Frameset 160
Knolly Fugitive Frameset V1.5Knolly Fugitive Frameset V1.5
Knolly Warden FramesetKnolly Warden Frameset

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To book in a demo ride contact us;

Bikes Available: Fugitive, Fugitive LT

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To book in a demo ride contact us;

Bikes Available: Fugitive, Fugitive LT

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Because Knolly frames feature a continuous seat tube they allow for a full range of seat heights: on many other frames, the seat tube is either bent or interrupted by the shock allowing only a restricted range of seat heights (this problem is exasperated as frame sizes become smaller). Our frames feature both a continuous seat tube as well as a low “dropped seat height” - meaning the seat actually travels forward and out of the way - which allows riders of all sizes to get farther back on the bike when the terrain demands it.

In an effort to help you find the right frame size we reached out to our Knation of riders and asked them these three questions: How tall are you? What is your inseam? What size Knolly do you ride?​The data below is from real riders, human beings that actually ride our product, so it is a great reference point to help you chose a frame size. Of course this is still just a guide but this is a great example for those riders that fall right in between sizes. Now you can see what other riders have chosen.


act, stromlo & nsw, northern beaches

Please get in touch with us below to book in a demo in NSW, Northern Beaches or ACT.

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