Mondraker Crafty R eBike 2020
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The CRAFTY 2020

The new 2020 Crafty RR gets that much better - Dedicated 29" wheels, 150mm travel and a 160mm front fork.  Tthe updated Bosch GEN4 motor is lighter and more compact yielding more power and range.

The Crafty RR feels more balanced and is so capable on the descents with the 65.º head angle and short offset forks. 150mm of rear travel gives plenty of room for error and opens gnarly trails. More Speed? Get the Crafty going and the Forward Geometry keeps everything rock solid and on line. A high performance package with exceptional aesthetics with a low weight of 25kg

NEW FOR 2020

  • Completetely new frame with revised kinematics to suit the weight, speed and dynamics of new gen eBikes
  • PowertubePT625Wh battery pack
  •  New BOSCH G4 motor
  • Kiox ON board Computer
  • 65.5º Head Angle
  • Fox 36 160mm 44mm Offset forks
  • 25kg for the RR spec


  1. Mondraker Warranty activation must be done through previous register via internet in in three months time at most after purchase date.
  2.  All no registered bikes will be subjected to minimum warranty conditions existing in the country of purchase. This warranty runs since purchase date for bicycles and frames which are bought since 2010 season, only applicable to original owner and it is not transferable. Previously, applicable warranty lasted for three years on full suspension bicycles and five on hard tail models, and it was only applicable to original owner.
  3.  All components, suspension forks and rear shock absorbers assembled in our bikes will be covered by manufacturer original warranty with the minimum required by the country of purchase legislation. 
  4. Frame paintwork warranty will last for two years. 
  5. Mondraker reserves the right to repair or replace defective frame as a whole or faulty part or specific piece in accordance with the valuation of its technical service. 
  6. All frames or parts subject to replacement in accordance to the stipulations contemplated in the warranty clauses, will be replaced by either the same frame or a similar one from the same year/collection until stocks last. In the event that there are no frames available from the specific same year/collection, it will be replaced by one from a subsequent year/collection meaning that both the shape, color and graphics of the new frame can be considerably different than the original frame. 
  7. All warranty processing must be done through an authorized Mondraker dealer, being necessary to submit proof of payment and web registration to models acquired since 2010 season.
  8. Authorized Mondraker dealers will follow the warranty procedure defined by Mondraker. 


"The Foxy isn't for most of us or most settings. If you're a casual rider who doesn't enjoy pushing your limits or doesn't have access to steep, fast, or rough terrain, you still might get along just fine with the Mondraker, but it won't be ideal. However, Big Blue could be entirely ideal if your idea of a great ride includes trails that resemble cliffs and speeds that resemble the pros, two things that see the new Foxy's well-defined traits put it above more commonly seen options." Mike Levy

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The new Bosch GEN4 motor and the Powertube 625 Which gives you snappy acceleration, smoother power assisted pedaling and perfect integration into the frame. It's now 25% lighter and more compact and outputs up to 75Nm of torque.

The Kiox onboard computer gives you all the ride data you need and has the ability to lock your bike remotely with the App


Mondraker was first to pioneer the long, low and slack design. Since then many  of the other bands have followed.  Mondraker has continually evolved their geometry and it is a complete system of wheelbase, head angle, fork offset, kinematics and stack heights.  Initially some experience riders will have difficulty re-learning how to position their weight but once re-learnt descending and cornering becomes more intuitive and safer. New riders will reap the benefits right away, reducing the dreaded over-the-bars moments.

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Looking for even more gnar. The Level goes bigger with 180m front and 170mm rear travel for massive rock smashing fun