SQlab 311 2.0 Handlebar
SQlab 311 2.0 HandlebarSQlab 311 2.0 Handlebar


    Yep, they do look strange - but I bet your elbows are not laughing writhing in pain with golfers & tennis elbow. Bars that are too wide and straight will put extra torque on your elbows and shoulders. 

    The 311 series is a little bit more of a lighter weight version of the 3Ox but in 16º sweep only. It's recommended for XC, Trail and touring.

    You get all the comfortable ergonomics that make the SQlab bars different and one of the better options if you putting in lots of miles. The 311 is a little bit narrower at 740mm and only comes in a 16º backsweep - which is ideal for marathon/cross country. The 311 have a +10mm stretch (forward offset from the stem centreline) which works when you have an aggressive 16º backsweep without having to change to a longer stem to adjust for the rear sweep. It also has 10mm of flex that takes the edge off harsh trails and rough roads.

    Try a pushup with your shoulders externally rotated (fingers faced inwards) now try a pushup with your shoulder rotated internally (fingers faced outwards) - feel those lats firing?

    That's the magic to getting the load of your stabiliser muscles and getting the larger muscle groups working.

  • 16º back sweep
  • 2.5º up sweep
  • 10mm Flex
  • 25mm or 50mm rise
  • 320g
  • 740mm width - can be cut to 700mm
  • Stem clamp 31.8mm


Humans lack body intelligence. That's why our bodies are rife with injuries - we've lost the ability to move efficiently. Just take a look at that 10yr old pussy cat tip-toeing on the fence line, scaling trees and roofs - I bet they have never been to a chiro, physio or take regular yoga classes.   SQlab Bars and Grips are a good start to helping us out with overuse injuries - By placing our wrists and elbows in mechanically efficient positions allows us to use the larger muscle groups in our shoulders and backs without exhausting our stabiliser muscles.

If you do find yourself riding with your thumb over the top of the bars when climbing - this is is a good sign that your bars are too straight and you will find benefit with a larger backsweep bar. This is your body trying to "hack" you position by hunting for tension by getting you to rotate your shoulders externally - which get your back muscles fired up, which is far more efficient than overusing and fatiguing the smaller muscles of your arms.

The 30X bars use a unique 12º or 16º backsweep which brings the elbows in and helps with externally rotating the shoulders and engaging back muscles while taking the load off our elbows (tennis or golfers elbow anyone?). With such a radical backsweep it does shorten the overall reach towards the back - but that can be a good thing with modern bikes getting extremely long. Bringing the steering axis back, makes your bike feel more precise climbing and descending.
Note: While the the 12º does offer a pretty aggressive backsweep - we have found riders have been able to keep the same stem length without affecting the handling of the bike. So the 12º is an excellent option of your standard bar is giving you any sort of issue, without having to change the full stem/handlebar setup. The 16º may require a longer stem to makeup for the extra backsweep.


~ Science focused components and gear to help your body become smarter! ~

7OX Grips
Multi Density Grips with a single lock on. Different compounds, different textures for a grip that really reduces arm-pump. Free from harmful chemicals and available in 2 diameters.

30x Alloy Bars

Shoulder, elbow and hand friendly 12º or 16º. Improve body mechanics as well as dialing in your reach. Made tough

30X Carbon

Same smooth geometry as the 30X alloy but in the lighter weight and more exotic carbon. Still strong and able to get past rigorous stress testing - They survive the Zedler end of life test

ONE12 Bib Shorts

Just like you wouldn't ride a thick padded saddle for a longer ride, why do you need a diaper like chamois in your shorts? The thin high density padding absorbs the shocks but offers the ultimate in long range comfort


~ Numb hands or fingers is usually from your Ulnar nerve being constantly smashed by your grips ~

Opening up the wrist angle with the use of a 16º back swept bar radically reduces the pressure on the Ulnar nerve. Width is also important that's why its not recommended these days to go super wide in the bar department. Combined with a grip that enhances grip and takes even more pressure off the Ulnar nerve - you'll be riding pain free and reducing the chance of injuries.

SQlab Does Saddles. Saddles that work!

Get hold of a fit kit and get yourself fitted and improve your riding

Proper sizing for your style of riding and body shape will make riding more comfortable and help activate the correct muscles reducing the chance of overuse injuries.

Fit Kit

Get hold of a fit board (from us) or if you have some corrugated cardboard. Sit down with a neutral spine and get the indentation of your sit-bones

Size Chart

Cross reference to the sizing chart. Generally aggressive positions will require the same width as your measurements, more upright you'll need to add some width.

Check Widths

Decide whether you need the Active or Standard rail version. The Active offers more comfort and correct pelvis alignment and may even offer benefits to those with leg length discrepencies.


You'll easily find one to suit Road, Gravel, MTB and Enduro/Gravity. The Ergowave series feature best in class and scientifically proven shapes


~ Scientifically Proven Saddle Designs ~


Allows for subtle lateral pelvic movement during the pedal stroke. It relieves pressure off the  spinal discs and offers more comfort over standard rail systems


Without the need for aggressive cutouts which can cause pressure spots, the subtle scoop relieves soft tissue pressure for both guys and gals


On the rivet - Sometimes you need to scoot to the front of the saddle whether  your climbing technical trails or just pushing on the limit. The wide and flat nose gives you nice secure platform


The perfect place for your sit bones, support and comfortable no matter what you ride or how you set up your bike.


~ For Healthy Wrists and Elbows ~


Multi durometer design works in all conditions - including wet  and muddy and even with sweaty hands.


Thicker where you need more comfort and thinner where your need more "grab" The clamp is also hidden from the outside.

harmful chemical free

No Harmful chemicals.  Free from BPA, NP, PAH, Mercury, Chromiu, PCP and more.

EXtra soft outer zone

This is where your ulnar nerve rests and it's important to pamper this spot. The 7OX have soft and cushy blocks just to pamper your paws



SQlab sizing methods differ to other brands so its important to size correctly before you purchase your saddle.


IF your looking at getting on a SQlab saddle, it's important to get fitted correctly. This is easily done with the Fit Kit (you get can get them here) or using some corrugated cardboard to accurately measure your sit bones.


Once you have the size, then you'll need to cross-reference the width to the official SQlab measurement chart. Generally you'll be going up a centimeter or two, only those who have an aggressive road or time trial position will size the same to their saddle.


Now you'll need to decide if you need the Active rail system or standard. Active has a lot of benefits and really helps with comfort and even taking out road/trail buzz. It may also help if you have leg length difference or skeletal alignment issues.


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