Squirt Dry condition chain wax lubricant

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Bio Chain Lube

Squirt lube is different to all the other "wax" based lubricants currently on the market. It is bio-degradeable, contains no harmful solvents and is emulsified without having to shake the bottle up so it applies easily in all types of termperatures. Looking after the environment is a big deal to some and if you are concerned about washing harmful solvents into creek crossings - you cannot overlook the environmental benefits of Squirt. A lot of the wax based lubricants tend to clog up the chain, jockey wheels and cassette, Squirt claims that it flakes off taking away the dirt and grime and only leaving only a clean chain. After a few applications the chain should be relatively clean but still protected keeping drivetrain noise to a minimum. It is a water based lubricant so it does have a tendency to be dissolved in really rainy and wet conditions but it does perform extremely well in dry and dusty conditions without attracting excess grit and grime. We are not sure about the name, however it performs as advertised and minimises environmental impact.

Comes in a small carry bottle (15ml) which can easily be tucked into your jersey pocket and a standard 120ml bottle size.