Extralite Ultrastar

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  • 23.5-24mm internal diameter
  • 8g
  • Precision cnc'd from 7075 T6.

Are you a ham-fisted knucklehead? Stop reading now. Ever seen that knucklehead in your local bike shop slam a star-fangled nut down your carbon steerer. - "its good to go mate". The thought alone brings shudders down our spines, Star-Fangled nuts are not cool, whether its being reamed into a carbon or lightweight alloy steerer they just should not be allowed. Your best alternative is the Extralite Ultrastar, lightweight at only 8grams. Precision made from T6 7075 alloy, then hard-coated to further improve the finish and durability. Whether Extralite is engineering a sub-50g hub or a compression plug the attention to detail is never forgotten.

Ideal for mountain or road steerers - just be sure to measure the ID of your steerer tube first. The UltraStar will fit the ID range from 23.5-24.mm