Inverse FAST Wind Vest

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Hurricane Protection

Lightweight and compact wind vest for cold mornings and angry weather. It is constructed from Inverse's Aerotech Fast material which is a hydrophilic membrane that is highly elastic for perfect fit for varying positions on the bike. The AEROFast material also offers loads of breathability and temperature regulation - It stays warm when really cold but evaporates heat once things start heating up. It's ultra compact and lightweight and can be easily packed up into a fist to pack into a rear pocket. The AEROfast has a rear flap that allows easy access to your jersey pockets underneath, it also adds a bit of extra weather protection for eWares stashed in your jersey pockets.

The fit is slim as a vest should fit you tightly to keep wind out and water out and the noise flap low.

  • High visibility colours
  • Warm when cold, cool when hot
  • Effective against heavy wind and rain.
  • Rear flap access to jersey pockets