MSC Ultralight ISCG05 1x Edition

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Ultralight XX1 Edition

Now available in a special 1x edition, essentially with the lower bash plate removed. CNC'd aluminium "spine" which connects to the molded carbon upper cage. Two flat pieces of of carbon retain the chain and special PTFE bushings minimise wear and reduce chain noise. Once the guide has been mounted to the ISCG05 tabs, there is two independent adjustments allowing rotation of the guide. The upper guide is adjustable from 36t to 40t and is secured with special hex bolts that can be tightened with a 6mm hex or box wrench - the outer retention plate can be installed in the final step allowing easy crank install and removal, without removing the complete guide. This will fit ISCG05 mounts only and includes Ti mounting bolts.

  • Titanium Hardware
  • Chainring bolts for top guide (replaceable)
  • PTFE bushings
  • Molded carbon fibre upper arm
  • CNC aluminium spine.
  • 36-40t range only.
  • 90g