Syntace Vector Superlight Carbon HIGH10 12º

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Super Vector

Continuing on the path of Strong, the new Superlight Vector bars drop weight and still maintain their resilience testing against the VR-3 Standard.

The Superlight Vector reduces vibrations up to 17%, introduces a smooth and exotic trail feel. Long UD fibres are arranged to offer more stiffness and reduce out of phase flex.

The Superlight bars weigh in at under 200g, super strong and maintain the ever-popular rise and sweep geometry of the the original Vector Carbon bars.

  • Titanium lattice centre piece and texture clamp area
  • Cut lines on ends
  • 10yr Warranty
  • Lightweight alu bar plugs available as options
  •  12 º
  • VR-3 Downhill standard tested.
  • Suitable for all types of riding
  • 780mm width