Chrome Kursk Pro 2.0 SPD Shoes

Chrome Kursk Pro 2.0 SPD Shoes

Who are they for?

Anyone who wants to ride clipped and still carry out daily duties without looking like a bozo clapping around with full blown SPD shoes. Steel aglets and lace garage get the laces neat and tidy while in motion.

Really good option for anyone who wants a casual looking shoe with all the performance of a SPD compatible shoe. It has a reinforced shank which stays stiff when clipped in but flexible when walking around time. The cleat area is also recessed so you are not grinding down your cleats walking around town.

Heavy duty rubber sole and a rubberised toe box wears extremely well and the Cordura uppers wear well and provide ample water resistance.

  • SPD mounting compatibility
  • Lace garage
  • Reinforced sole shank 
  • Rubberised toe box
  • Casual Looks
  • Machine stitched Chrome logo