Hand Built Wheels, wind tunnel tested wheels from Boyd Cycling USA – ✪ Biggride Australia
Boyd Cycling 44mm Clincher 44C Series

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Boyd Cycling 44mm Clincher 44C Series

Well priced, high performance and some really good wind tunnel results. They present numbers that show lower drag figures than the commonly benchmarked Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels. What you get is a wheelset that hits all the geometry numbers for a modern carbon clincher - Tubeless, wide and light enough.
Checkout those numbers, there is a lot of small brands pushing out some nice looking open mold wheels, but Boyd really puts in the extra miles and details to make sure the shape is dialed for a whole range of conditions. So at all yaw angles the Boyd 44c has lower drag than the Zipp 303 wheel, they find equilibrium around 11º-13º and really show less disruption the wider the angle gets - They can handle the big cross winds.
Who are they for? Anyone looking at upgrading or replacing their training or race wheels. These are built really well and we can vouch for them handling long miles and shitty roads and now with the new brake track the wet braking is fantastic and even better in the dry. The are pretty much a spot-on all-day, all condition wheel that has a lot of aero features to notch up a few tickets of free speed on casual or race days. Don't like the subtle look? You can go loud with the new fluro decals that are available as extras.
All hand built in the USA using Sapim CX Rays and Boyd's own custom hubs - which a easy to maintain.
  • Exclusive Rim Design - Wind Tunnel Tested
  • USA Built
  • Exclusive Hub design
  • Tubeless compatible
  • External Nipples
  • Textured Brake track compatible with all brake pads.
  • Wind Tunnel tested
  • Excellent balance of aero speed, stiffness and lightweight
  • OK for all week training rides and race
  • 20/24h OR 24/28h Options.


They come with skewers,  brake pads and Boyd's own high pressure rim tape. They are also available to have the rear wheel built up with a PowerTap G3 or optioned up to all USA made Eternity hubs.