Choosing the right bar tape

One of the cheapest and performance effective upgrades for your bike. Changing tape regularly is smart not only for aesthetics but it gives you a chance to inspect your carbon or aluminium bars for cracks, add some new cable housing and make sure that your sweat has not eaten through the aluminium.


Silicone Tape

  • Easy to wrap. Can be wrapped thick or thin. Excellent durability and vibration reduction. Resists stinky odours. Suits gloves or bare hands.
  • Most expensive, supreme bar feel and tactility. Adhesive free and can be re-wrapped a few times.



  • Knurled rubber for extra grip. Can be harsh on bare hands but offers the best durability in all conditions. Good amounts of grip, good choice if you like a thicker grip feel.
  • Slighter harder to clean with the rough texture, but wears well especially if you spend a lot of time leaning your bike against the wall at the coffee shop.


Synthetic Suede

  • Better durability over cork, nice bar feel. Can be wrapped thin with slightly better grip than cork tape.
  • Harder to clean but relatively cheap


Synthetic Cork

  • Basic durability, can get really stinky as the porous material absorbs a lot of sweat and dirt. Easy to wrap (than traditional cork)
  • Hard to clean but relatively cheap - so can be replaced often.


  • Low amounts of grip, expensive and hard to tape. Swells and gets manky once it gets wet. Hard to clean. 
  • It's Weird and Psychotic having dead body parts draped over your bicycle.