How to ride 1000kms and 21 Mountains non-stop

Mike Cotty, Ultra endurance rider rode 1000 kilometres non-stop across 21 mountains in the Dolomites, Eastern Alps and Swiss Alps. A huge 21,000 meters in elevation gain - 54hrs of riding without sleep or 8-10 stages of the Tour de France without stopping.

Anyone who has ridden 24hrs, 12hr or even 8hrs straight knows that your mind starts playing tricks on your body. Some say you slip in and out of higher states of consciousness finding their nirvana. While some just love the mental and physical punishment they get served and revel in the ability human body to adapt in such extreme conditions.

Hear about what he eats to fuel his epic journey and what tricks his mind plays on his body. Listen to the podcast here

Ultraman Rich Roll Interviews Mike Cotty