How to transfer and replicate your bike fit

How to transfer and replicate your bike fit

Bike Fit becomes serious when it comes to bike nerds. Some say they can feel 1mm change in the seat height, setback or seat angle. Most of us have more than 1 bike -  and the list keeps growing if you want to keep up with the new genres of Gravel, Enduro and Road bikes.

So the question is how do you take your existing setup and transfer it across to a new bike, if you have paid for a professional bike fit it can get expensive to keep getting each additional bike setup how you like.

The Abbey Fit Kit is the most simplest and still very accurate system of getting your seat height, fore and aft and saddle angle exactly as you want. Whether you are transferring fit or assembling the bike after travelling it's still pretty important to precisely replicate your measurements.

The Fit Kit adds a few key features to make measuring easier and very precise. The included 8 and 10mm bullets sit in your crankset and give you an exact middle point allowing you to measure the top of the saddle. The fit kit itself has 2 notches to be used as a reference point for saddle height so you'll always get the right height - to the millimeter regardless of what saddle is installed.

There is 2 reference points of UCI restricted setback plus printed measures if you are not riding in a sanctioned event.

Saddle angle is easily measure by resting a cell phone on and running a digital level app to get the exact angle of the saddle.


  • Fit Board, 8mm &10mm bullets, toestrap