Knolly Cache Review by The Radavist

Knolly Cache Review by The Radavist

If you have ever ridden a Knolly MTB, you know the ride quality is next to none. It's like every single little detail has been OCD'd to move it forward bringing the experience to another level. We also have been hearing it a lot that once you have ridden a Knolly it's hard to go back to another bike. I mean the lifetime warranty and user serviceable parts is rad but it's the sublime handling and suspension that gets riders hooked. Interested in a demo - get in contact with us

The Cache series is Knolly's first attempt at a non-mountainbike. But it certainly is not a "beta" version. It's fully featured with a custom tubeset with size specific butting for that.... magical ride once that you can only expect.  It's available in in 7 sizes that will pretty much suit all humans and with the custom butted tubeset you are reach into custom bike performance but with something that's ready to go off-the-shelf.

The Radavist has done a rad write up on the Cache Ti. Check it Out.

We have the Cache Ti and Steel frames available if you want to get your gravel froth on.



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