SRAM Butter Suspension Grease

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The best grease for suspension and pawls. When you slap it on your fork it stays on the seals and protects as well as not emulsifying with suspension fluid or lower bath oil. In your rear hub, its really soft and does not gum up your pawls - which can slip and go crazy if you use thick grease in your freehub body. Will not swell or break down fork seals.

Available in 1oz (30g) tub or 20ml syringe

  • Suspension upper lip seals, foam washers, air spring seals
  • Dropper post seals
  • Rear hub pawls

We recommend WPL Absolute Grease as the only alternative to petroleum based greases. Its 100% compatible with Rock Shox Forks and Shocks and is not toxic to humans, marine life and forest creatures.