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We Welcome the Inverse Custom Program

Proudly made in Barcelona, Spain - Inverse clothing has been worn by some of todays greats - Contador, Sanchez, Rodriquez, Hermida just to name a few. Inverse has been the supplier to the Spanish National and Olympic teams for some time now and many Pro Amatuer teams throughout the country have worn Inverse to victory. It is no doubt cyclists at this level demand the best and with Inverse's 40yrs+ experience in manufacturing and developing some of the highest quality cycling clothing available. All clothing is designed in house from the pattern, design and technical fabrics - Inverse has committed it's experience to supporting cyclists.

Official clothing supplier to the Spanish Cycling World Championship Team. Premium fabrics and designs proudly milled, dyed and handmade in beautiful Barcelona. Now your club / team can ride the best custom cycle clothing currently available.

Inverse Worlds 2014


A large range of custom cycle clothing is almost as dissapointing as those infamous Italian bikes that are designed, built, painted offshore and then shipped to Italy for the labouriously painstaking final touch "Made In Italy" sticker. It's synonymous to the custom cycle clothing that is available - "Italian Fabrics". Unfortunately the quality of the fabrics is one part in the process in creating the most comfortable and performance oriented cycle clothing, almost anyone can make a good looking poncho, but designing kit that fits and feels amazing in all conditions is what 40yrs of experience yields. Inverse fabrics are Spanish made, the design happens in beautiful Barcelona where they are cut, dyed, stitched and shipped from the same place the "Made in Spain" fabrics enter. A company that intimately knows the textiles and right combinations of materials to create high performing clothing - after all they have been doing this for 40yrs now.

Inverse Clothing is Pro Tour tested with the Caja Rural Seguros Professional team riding the Inverse clothing for 3 seasons from top to bottom. With constant refinement and design improvements you now can access the best cycle kit on the market. We can include any of the following;

  • Thermally bonded silicone grippers (waist bands and leg cuffs)
  • Raglan Lycra sleeves with compression
  • Cytech Triple Density anti-microbial chamois
  • Extended arm cuffs
  • Dual membrane lightweight wind vests
  • Individual Jersey names
  • Full printed Bibs and Jerseys
  • Matching accessories (Gloves, Warmers and socks)
  • European (slim) Cut and Professional Cut (very slim)

We use the latest sublimation technology and Environmentally friendly dyes - Less skin irritation and your graphics and bold colours that don't fade.

Caja Rural UCI Professional Cycling Team


Bernat Guardia-Pascal


So when we say Spanish fabrics, you know we mean it's the real deal and nothing less - those others can keep the stickers for their stamp collection.

We offer an amazing custom program to suit the needs of professional teams, corporate wear (bike, tri and run). With Complete custom kit (Jersey + Bibs) starting from $120.00 and reasonable minimums. We can bring across your existing design or add a little extra Spanish pizazz to make your sponsors stand out from the flock of sheep.